Glossary of Terms

With the goal of positively influencing the quality of dialogue and discourse on race and equity especially as it relates to midwifery in the US, the following terms are defined below and in some instances, briefly discussed:


For a GLOSSARY AND TABLE of ACRONYMS related to the Profession, Regulation and Education of US Midwives, click here.​

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Institutional Climate/Culture

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Representative Workforce

Social Justice

A note about language:


The use of language when discussing race, class, gender, and culture can be imperfect and its acceptability often shifts over time and in different settings. This website uses the term "people of color" and variations such as "midwives of color" to describe persons who experience racism and marginalization based on the color of their non-white skin. Some individual midwifery students, apprentices and educators may not prefer this terminology. Concerned educators are encouraged to validate and use the terminology that each student or apprentice personally prefers.  


Additionally, terms such as "woman," "mama," "mother" and "maternal" can be found on this website usually in reference to the work of others. The use of these terms and phrases are not intended to exclude or ignore the health issues faced by transgender and genderqueer pregnant and postpartum persons who may not identify as women or mothers.  Less exclusive terms are also intentionally used elsewhere.

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