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Scholarships & Financial Aid

“Respondents expressed concern over the financial barriers that students experience and the importance of financial support...particularly for African Americans, who experience disproportionately higher rates of unemployment and whose families are less likely to have accumulated wealth.”  - Yamasaki McLaughlin, 2012 p. 40.

  • Increased financial barriers for under-represented students

  • Overcoming accumulated wealth disparities requires increased support

  • Research shows "that the burden for paying for higher education is disproportionately felt by
    low-income, historically underrepresented, and minority students...Federal grants...have not kept pace with rising education costs [and]...state merit aid tends to be awarded disproportionately to white, upper-income students." pp. 21-22 

  • Disparities in Birth Outcomes persist and racially and ethnically concordant care has the potential to help reduce or eliminate these disparities

Financial support:

  • Beyond loans and tuition-only scholarships are needed to support under-represented aspiring midwives

Funding opportunities currently available to CNMs that could be expanded to CPMs:

Start a scholarship fund for under-represented students:

Needs Assessment Findings:

  • Dr. Nancy Anderson “shares her research project/needs assessment sponsored by NACPM that aims to understand the barriers that women of color experience with respect to the midwifery profession, and to describe the optimal structure for a midwifery education scholarship program aimed at women of color.”

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