Resources for curriculum transformation including:

  • Infusing an equity focus throughout entire programs

  • Race-conscious curricula

  • Cultivating reflective & humble minds

  • Creating a culturally responsive workforce

Faculty, preceptor and staff training to:

  • Address power & privilege

  • Foster critical consciousness 

  • Create equitable opportunities for success & achievement

  • Creating meaningful policies

  • Equity & Social Justice Statements

  • Reports​ & Reviews

  • Strategic Plan Examples

  • Fostering safer, more welcoming and inclusive learning environments

  • Increasing the number of under-represented students who want to become midwives

  • Improving the retention of under-represented students & apprentices

  • Increasing the number of under-represented faculty & staff members

  • Change Teams

  • Social justice & equity work groups

  • Equity advisory groups

  • Hiring external consultants

  • Strategic planning for equity

  • Evaluation Tools

  • Guiding schools in the promotion of equity-focused learning environments

  • Reviewing certification and re-certification competencies and requirements with attention to equity promotion

  • Academic Support - Study groups & tutoring

  • Expanding distance learning programs

  • Developing sustainable employment models

  • Supporting student employment & flexibility

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