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Use this Equity Agenda Guideline as a Resource to map out a plan or brainstorm some next steps for your school or clinic as you seek to transform your learning environments 

Webinars with specific content related to equity in midwifery education

  • Recordings of Past Webinars

  • Save the Date for upcoming content

Connect with other Midwifery Educators who are or want to be on the path to promoting equity in their schools and clinics 

Narrative Description of this site​

Educators & Admin
Students & Alum
  • The resources on this site can be used individually, but the site is also designed to present an overarching picture of the many areas where your school and/or clinic would need to focus to infuse equity throughout your program.

  • Make a commitment to what you plan to accomplish in the next 

    • 1 month

    • 6 months

    • 12 months 

  • Plan to:

    • Cultivate your own learning,
      growth and reflection 

    • Promote equity and social justice
      at your school or clinic

  • Your commitment doesn't have to be big, but plan to do something and follow-through with your plan.

    • Reach out and CONNECT if you get stuck.

  • ​Share this resource or a few specific ones with your school faculty, administrators and staff and let them know how important an equity focus is to you.

  • Encourage your classmates to make specific requests in their course and program evaluations.  You can use this site to find ideas for where your institution or previous clinic site(s) could improve.

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