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Healing Resources & Focusing on Strengths

“Even though they all had successfully become and practiced as midwives, the scars left after the educational process ran deep, leaving a thick defense and a commitment to future midwives.”

Kennedy et al, 2006, p. 88

“Future work includes modification of the Power and Privilege course to provide a parallel track of healing resources for people of color.” - Gordon, McCarter & Myers, 2016, p. 724 

Resiliency is an important factor in how people of color resist racism. Human beings have a natural resilient nature, but it must be nurtured or it will be lost.” - Edwards, 2006, p.43 

Why Needed?
Healing Resources
Strengths-Based Interventions
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"Midwifery education is dominated by white educators. When educators, health care professionals and students are looking for POC information, like workshops, mentors or culturally specific facts, this information is never mainstream. 

The following are some sites that helped me to identify POC leaders, educators and health care professionals in the midwifery profession:


- Recent Midwifery Student​


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“Some of the liveliest discussions reflected how the participants' ethnicity or gender enhanced their midwifery practice. It became a blend of their philosophical beliefs, their understanding of cultural influences, and their personal experiences.”                                

- Kennedy et al., 2006, p.88

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